It’s a Family Affair

Providing plumbing and related services for families in Sparta, NJ and throughout Sussex County has been our pride and privilege since 1980.

When we come into your home, we’re reminded of our own. Not in every detail, of course. But in how your family depends on reliable and well-maintained plumbing for a large percentage of your annual indoor comfort, just as we do.

Having plumbing that works, and a trusted plumber who capably maintains and repairs it, is key to your everyday peace of mind. We know that. And we, the Heine family of professional plumbers, do everything in our power to enhance it.

An Annual Plumbing Inspection Makes Repair Problems Disappear.

When was the last time you called a professional plumber, and for what reason? Chances are it was to troubleshoot and fix a repair issue. That’s the reason for the majority of calls we receive. But it shouldn’t be.

Would you like to know why? Because with an annual whole-house plumbing inspection, most of those repair issues never would have arisen.

Multiple Water Treatment Solutions for Your Home & Family.

If you are plagued with cloudy glassware; white, orange, brown or black staining of your fixtures; or, your water has a funny taste or odor, Heine Plumbing has the solution. Not just to these, but to countless other water quality problems.

Plus, we offer you single source and whole-house solutions to treat hard water, acidic water, and other common water problem conditions.

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