Water Leak Detection | Pipe Leak Repair

Are You Experiencing a Home Plumbing Leak?  If So, We Can Locate and Fix it Fast.

Never mind the plumbing leaks you see.  What about those you can’t, at least not until major damage has already occurred and you wish you had found out sooner?

leakThose are called hidden water leaks and here are their most telltale signs:

  • A much higher than normal water bill, especially when you know your water consumption remains relatively constant.
  • You hear water running even though you realize all water-using fixtures are turned off.
  • You spot mold or mildew under a carpet, especially where that carpet lies over concrete.
  • Black mold spots suddenly appear on a wall or ceiling.
  • Even when the rest of your lawn is dry, you run across an area that is unusually damp.

These and other warning signs all point to a hidden water leak and the need to take timely corrective action.  May we recommend an action that works every time?  You guessed it…just pick up the phone and call Heine Plumbing.

Leak Detection

We have equipment that allows us to see behind walls, under concrete slabs, even inside sewer and drain lines.  That leads to faster and more accurate leak detection, the first essential step in stopping the leak and getting the problem fixed.

Remember:  prompt water leak repair or replacement is also about water conservation.  Did you know that a faucet that leaks just one drop per minute can add up to the equivalent of 34 gallons of wasted water per year?  Imagine how much water gets wasted when the problem is worse and goes undetected for days, weeks, or even months…scary, right?  Not to mention all the damage it can cause.

If you spot or suspect you have a leaking water or drain pipe, contact Heine Plumbing today.  We’re the people who take your plumbing problems as seriously as you do.