Water Heater Service & Repair in Sparta & Newton, NJ!

If the Only Heat You’re Feeling is Under Your Collar, It’s Time to Call Heine Plumbing.

You don’t ask much of your home plumbing.  Just what your boss or clients ask of you:  “please do your job to the best of your abilities so I can count on you.”

Water Heater ServiceWell, try as it might, a water heater is all too “human” in that it’s prone to fail every now and then.

For starters, it’s average lifespan is only about 6 – 10 years.  Once it reaches or, if you’re lucky, exceeds that range, all kinds of things can go wrong.

Is something wrong with yours?  If so, contact Heine Plumbing right away for:

  • Expert troubleshooting
  • A range of service options to choose from to best meet your current needs and budget
  • An upfront price for our repair or replacement services
  • Our promise that the problem will be fixed, and fixed correctly.

At Heine Plumbing, we perform preventative maintenance and high quality repair work on all makes and models of water heaters…including yours!

Water Heater Performance and Safety Inspection

Wouldn’t it be great if most repair issues could be prevented?  Well, now they can be with an annual performance and safety inspection performed by Heine Plumbing.

It’s a multi-step process designed to ensure longer-lasting performance and added safety.  We’ll check for signs of rust, corrosion, water leaks, proper thermostat operation, natural gas and carbon monoxide leaks, and more.  With faithful annual maintenance, we also can greatly reduce the risk of untimely repairs…as if there were any other kind.

If it’s been a year or more since your water heater was last professionally inspected, contact Heine Plumbing today.  You’ll enjoy the added comfort and reassurance knowing everything is operating as it should be.